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What should I pay attention to after washing tattoos

Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, people’s concept of fashion is becoming stronger and stronger. I believe that in our life, tattoo is something we are familiar with. Many people think it is very cool to tattoo some fashionable patterns on our bodies, but we regret it after tattooing. We all know it is painful to wash off the tattoo. So what are the dietary taboos after washing tattoos? Let’s have a look!

What should I pay attention to after washing tattoos

Is there any taboo to wash tattoos? How should you pay attention to your diet?

  1. We need to think more carefully before tattooing, but the temptation of tattooing can’t be resisted. It’s common to wash tattoos, but we should never eat irritating food after tattooing, especially spicy and sour food. If you eat too much, because irritant food will affect the human endocrine, the greasy secretion of the human body will also increase, leading to our wound infection is also very common.
  2. You can’t eat seafood after washing tattoos. Seafood is a common hair product, which will cause endocrine disorders, acne and other symptoms. After washing the tattoo, you must take care of your mouth to avoid blistering the wound due to violating the dietary taboos behind the tattoo.
  3. Within one week after washing the lines, keep the diet light and try to avoid fast food, fried food, barbecue and other foods. After washing the tattoo, be careful not to eat these, otherwise it will cause wound infection, suppuration and various unnecessary skin diseases.
  4. If you eat something you can’t eat after washing your tattoo, resulting in small blisters on the wound, remember to stop the food that causes the infection immediately and go to the hospital to communicate and check with the doctor at the same time.

The above is the dietary taboo after washing tattoos introduced by Xiaobian. I believe you have some understanding after reading it. In fact, people’s thoughts about the concept of tattoo are also two-sided, and the above knowledge hopes to be helpful to you!