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What problems should we pay attention to when taking off chest hair

What problems should we pay attention to when taking off chest hair? Everyone has hair on their body. This is a normal thing. It’s just how much or how little, some are dark and some are light. If your hair is too dense, it will affect your personal image. At this time, you need to find a way to remove it. You need to go through effective methods to remove it. What problems should you pay attention to when choosing to remove chest hair?

As for the removal of breast hair, as long as the nipple is effectively destroyed, it can be avoided from growing regenerated hair. At present, the commonly used chest hair removal methods include shaving, wax removal, tweezers, chemical hair removal cream, etc. generally, only the hair stems growing outside the skin can be removed, but the hair follicles can not be affected, showing repeated hair removal and repeated growth. The usual common depilation method is freezing depilation, which is also an ideal depilation method today.

The body hair of the parts requiring depilation shall not be removed within one week to half a month before depilation, so as not to affect the treatment effect. And before taking off the chest hair, the body hair needs to be shaved short or cut. If the body hair can leave a hair head of about 1mm on the surface of the skin, the effect is good. Then, according to the principle of body hair pigment absorbing light energy, stop absorbing the light emitted by the optical quantum equipment. The body hair converts the absorbed light energy into heat energy and transmits it to the hair follicle. Stop destroying the hair follicle and shrink the hair follicle to achieve the purpose of hair removal, which has any impact on the sweat glands.

What needs to be reminded is that ordinary people with white skin have chest hair with different areas. When removing chest hair, the chest hair can be cut short. When using the equipment to stop hair removal, the operation is simple and without complexity.

Postoperative nursing of chest hair removal

  1. The subject should not use cosmetics and skin care products containing fruit acid and a acid after operation, but should use a mild skin care formula.
  2. After laser hair removal, the subject cannot use scrub, alcohol and antiperspirant at the treatment site.
  3. When bathing, the subject should avoid showering hot water on the treatment site and should use warm water.
  4. Avoid infection. Do not swim in the swimming pool or beach after operation.
  5. The subject should not wear tight clothes to keep the treatment area dry and breathable.
  6. After laser hair removal, the subject should not take a baking sauna or steam bath.

After treatment, there may be a brief redness and swelling reaction, which will disappear by itself. After the treatment, the scab will fall off. Before the treatment, the treatment area will not contact with water, rub, and avoid spicy food, tobacco and wine. Recently, fast food with dark color, such as coffee and coke. The scab will fall off by itself and shall not be forced to fall off. Do not take part in intense exercise before scab shedding, so as not to cause infection after sweating. Pay attention to the local area after operation to avoid sun exposure.

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