What kind of depilation method do you choose for arm depilation? How many times do I have to take off my arm to clean it?

As we all know, normal people have hair more or less. There is no doubt that sweat has no impact on boys in life. After all, most boys can’t pay attention to this. For girls, that’s different. In summer, it is inevitable to want to wear their own skirts and super shorts. Their hair is exuberant, which obviously puzzles many girls. To solve this problem, freezing point depilation is a good method. So who is more suitable for freezing point depilation? What’s the approximate price?


1、 Freezing point depilation is suitable for beauty lovers with light skin color;

2、 Hirsutism due to genetic or ethnic reasons;

3、 No sun exposure or tanned skin;

4、 Hirsutism caused by the disorder of the endocrine system caused by excessive androgen secretion.

At present, the price of freezing point depilation is not fixed, generally about 400-6000 yuan. There are many factors affecting the price, including the situation of beauty seekers, hair removal parts, regions and hospitals. The more hair the beauty seeker has, the more depilation he has to take off. The price will be different with different depilation parts. Different regions, different economic levels and different prices. Different hospitals have different charging standards, and the prices are naturally different. It is recommended to choose a regular hospital.

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