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What is the effect of laser tattoo removal?

There are many kinds of tattoo washing treatment methods. The laser tattoo washing treatment technology has made friends with tattoos get a good solution. Moreover, laser beauty experts say that this tattoo washing treatment technology has no scar, and the treatment time is short, which has been favored and recognized by many friends.

Laser tattoo washing uses the selective absorption and pressure effect of laser on dyes to disintegrate the dyes and discharge them out of the body through different ways without damaging the surrounding normal tissues. Where is good for tattoo washing? Experts say that general regular hospitals play an important role in choosing laser treatment. Laser tattoo washing uses pigment particles to absorb laser with specific wavelength due to their special color. Under the strong energy of laser, pigment particles will disintegrate and be destroyed in a very short time, and then be removed by the skin’s own metabolic system. The duration of laser irradiation is very short, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin tissue.

Laser can instantly break and destroy pigment particles with high energy, and the broken pigment debris can be discharged from the body through scab removal or cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation. The effect of laser is highly selective. It does not damage the surrounding normal skin. There are no obvious side effects and scars after operation. Generally, the tattoo can be removed after laser treatment for the past 1 ~ times.

The effect of laser tattoo removal is very good, but care should be taken after treatment. Pay attention to the following points: there may be short-term reactions such as redness and swelling when laser tattoo washing. Don’t worry. It will disappear after operation. For Beijing, where is good to wash tattoos? Choosing a regular hospital and suitable treatment methods are the key.

Laser wash tattoo part will have a burning feeling or trace bleeding, which is a normal phenomenon. Then there will be scab, which will fall off after about 7-10 days. Do not scrape it forcibly, but let the scab fall off by itself. It will heal naturally in about two weeks. During the healing of the skin at the tattoo washing site, you can apply antibacterial ointment or oral anti-inflammatory drugs to avoid secondary infection and direct ultraviolet radiation.

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