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What are the precautions for laser leg hair removal?

What are the precautions for laser leg hair removal? Many people want to remove leg hair! Especially for girls, when there is more hair on their legs, they will feel very embarrassed to wear skirts. Many girls choose to shave themselves for convenience, but the effect is often not very satisfied, and the hair grows faster and faster. If you want to eradicate it, laser hair removal is more reliable. Let’s have a look now.

Leg depilation

1、 What are the precautions for laser leg hair removal?

  1. The difficulty is determined by the patient’s situation

The better indication is patients with less skin pigment but deep hair pigment. As the hair color becomes lighter and the skin color becomes darker, the difficulty of laser diagnosis and treatment becomes greater.

  1. Anaesthesia

No matter what kind of laser is adopted, the pain intensity of all parts of the body is different, and the feeling of the skin is directly proportional to the color depth of the hair that needs to be treated. The cooling system can reduce local pain.

  1. Diagnostic cycle of laser hair removal

Hair falls periodically. Growing hair is a good target for laser diagnosis and treatment. Select Kung Fu cycle according to different areas. The hair growth cycle is consistent with the hair growth at this place. Diagnosis and treatment should be carried out when most of the hair is in the growth period. The relative rest period of hair is short (6-12 weeks). The interval between diagnosis and treatment was 1 month. The rest period of trunk and limb hair is 12-24 weeks with an interval of 2 months. Continue diagnosis and treatment until the hair is reduced to the corresponding number, usually 2-6 times.

  1. Diagnosis and treatment of dark skin

For patients with dark skin, low flux laser should be directly used for diagnosis and treatment to prevent skin reactions, such as scars or pigment changes. The patient should be evaluated after several weeks. In dark skin, safe and effective diagnosis and treatment requires less melanin absorption. Using long wavelength laser can reduce the affinity of melanin on the surface, with high luminous flux, long pulse period and serious skin cooling.

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