Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

What are the characteristics of laser private depilation

In our life, we often listen to lip hair removal and leg hair removal, but few people talk about this problem for private hair removal. I believe many friends think it is very embarrassing to have body hair in private parts. Now laser hair removal can easily and simply remove the body hair in our private parts, that is, bikini hair. So, what are the characteristics of laser private hair removal?

What are the characteristics of laser private depilation;

  1. The characteristic of laser private hair removal is long-term: the principle of laser hair removal is to absorb the dark pigment on the wave, use the photothermal effect to destroy the hair growing cells, and fundamentally refine the cycle of hair growth. Achieve long-term hair removal effect.
  2. Laser private hair removal is characterized by safety: no scab after operation, generally no damage to skin and sweat glands, almost low side effects, which effectively solves the difficulty of skin damage caused by traditional hair removal technology.
  3. Laser Gini hair removal is characterized by light pain: easy hair removal, no pain, no impact on work and life. It is a real “lunch break” beauty technology.

Preoperative preparation for laser private hair removal:

  1. Before laser private depilation, the skin must be prepared and the hair in the depilation area must be completely scraped off.
  2. One week to half a month before laser private depilation, the body hair of the parts that need depilation cannot be removed, so as not to affect the treatment effect.
  3. Try to avoid sunlight before laser hair removal. It’s better to use sunscreen when you go out. Before laser bikini hair removal, the body hair needs to be shaved short or cut. If the body hair can leave a hair head of about 1mm on the skin surface, the effect is better.