Tell you that picosecond can wash tattoos

Many friends will be concerned about the problem. Will picosecond laser tattoo scar? Is there hyperplasia? Can you get rid of it? Rest assured, it will not happen. After complete recovery, it will be as clean as the rest of the skin, without hyperplasia and scar. So what should we pay attention to after picosecond laser tattoo washing? Let’s have a look.

1. Apply sunscreen after picosecond laser tattoo washing and pay attention to prevent exposure. 2. The scab fell off in 7-14 days and the wound healed. Individual patients may have normal temporary pigmentation after operation, which will be gradually metabolized. Oral vitamin C can accelerate pigment metabolism. 3. After picosecond laser tattoo washing, it has been forbidden to eat spicy, stimulating and pigmented food for two weeks. You can’t touch water for the first three days. 4. After picosecond laser tattoo washing, you must keep your skin dry and pay attention to cleanliness. If there is blistering, it is a normal reaction. You can’t scratch it to avoid scars.