Laser wash tattoo, no scar

Tattoo washing is very concerned by many friends who want to remove tattoos. Then, what methods can you choose for tattoo washing? There are many ways to wash tattoos, but the common way to wash tattoos is to wash tattoos with laser.

So far, the best and most effective way to wash tattoos is to knock off the tattoo patterns with a laser. In addition, there are drugs to remove [similar to hemorrhoids removing spirit], but the effect of washing tattoos is not very significant. In addition, there is skin grafting, but the cost of skin grafting is surprisingly high, which is difficult for ordinary people to bear. The removal principle of laser tattoo washing machine is to break the particles of pigment into small particles by using the high energy emitted by laser, and some of them are swallowed by cells, that is, the so-called metabolic function of cells. Some pigment is brought out with flail, and some are discharged with skin tissue fluid, so as to remove pigment. Before washing the tattoo, use 0.5% Iodophor for disinfection and normal saline to clean the tattoo.

If the laser tattoo washing machine does not damage the normal cell tissue, it will not shed scars. The tattoo washing machine is divided into white light head and green light head. The effect of green light is stronger than that of white light. The white light head is suitable for removing black tattoos, and the green light head is more suitable for removing color tattoos. The size and effect of tattoo washing depends on the strength of the wave band, Select the tattoo treatment band as needed. The interval between tattoo washing is generally about 30 days, which should be removed in several times. In terms of safety, it can be re washed many times without leaving scars after tattoo washing, so as to make it fade slowly. The pain of washing tattoos is not as terrible as expected. There will be slightly hot pain. It is similar to the feeling of tattoos. I believe it can be borne. Washing tattoos is also related to personal pain tolerance.

Pay more attention to hygiene during the maintenance process after washing the tattoo. Ice bags or cold films can be used to compress the tattoo. It is normal that there may be blisters after washing the tattoo. The blisters contain cell tissue fluid after washing the tattoo. It is recommended to pierce a small hole in the blister with a disposable clean needle and squeeze out the tissue fluid in the blister with a dry paper towel, Never remove the blister’s cortical tissue to avoid infection and let it fall off naturally after natural scab. Do not scratch or scratch during tattoo washing and maintenance. If blisters are not squeezed, they will be easily broken by clothes, which will damage the skin fabric and easily cause infection. After each extrusion, you can apply some anti allergy and anti-inflammatory drugs [such as erythromycin ointment] with a cotton swab while keeping it relatively dry. Keep the tattoo washing wound dry and clean, and generally do not bandage. If the tattoo washing wound is large or not easy to be exposed, it can be properly bandaged. At the same time, oral antibiotics such as Lijunsha and xianxianfeng mycin shall be given. After washing the tattoo, avoid sun exposure and strenuous exercise, and cosmetics shall be prohibited to avoid complexion pigmentation. For tattoo washing and maintenance methods, please refer to the tattoo maintenance methods and precautions.

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