Laser tattoo wash keeps you away from pain

There are many tattoo washing methods in the past, but most of the treatment process is painful and the effect is not satisfactory. Laser plastic surgery is a popular method to solve this problem.

Tattoo is to pierce the pigment into the skin and combine the pigment with dermal cells and tissues to form a permanent mark. Use one or a bunch of needle dyes to pierce the skin and draw different lines, figures, calligraphy and painting images, which will exist forever without disappearing. Modern tattoos use tattoo machines to replace traditional tattoo needles, which can evenly control the depth and width of pigment entering the skin. The pathological change of tattoo is that pigment particles are deposited in the shallow or middle layer of skin and dermis.

Laser tattoo washing can smoothly enter the diseased part. During treatment, the dye is gasified and crushed under a powerful laser, so that the color of the tattoo disappears. This regression will be seen at that time. Generally speaking, the effect of a shallow tattoo washing tattoo is obvious, or even completely eliminated, but most of them are usually treated many times. The effect of tattoo treatment is very much related to the nature of the dye. The dye grains of the eyebrow lines are finer and the ingredients of the dye are more pure, so the effect is remarkable. The tattoo, because the use of prickle dyes are mostly ordinary ink, not only coarse particles, and impurities, so the treatment is more difficult than tattoo eyebrow and lines, usually need multiple treatment, some patients may need long time treatment. In addition, the treatment of color tattoos is also more difficult than ordinary, requiring more treatment times. The treatment interval for tattoo washing is three months. People with partial scar constitution may have scar reaction without damaging the skin and leaving spots.

However, laser tattoo washing also has its indications, which is not suitable for everyone. If the tattoo area is large and the color is dark, tattoo washing still needs surgery to completely remove it.

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