Laser depilation, “depilation” light is cool

Summer belongs to women. Beautiful beauties like to wear short suspenders, which can reflect the perfect curve of beauties. But many beauties always have a little regret and dare not wear short suspenders. There is a little defect in the perfection. The annoying long armpit hair is always exposed. It’s embarrassing, but don’t worry. Laser hair removal can help you realize your wish.

Principle of laser hair removal:

After absorbing light energy of specific wavelength through a large amount of melanin in hair bundle, hair stem and hair follicle, the heat generated will form instantaneous and local high temperature, destroy hair stem and hair follicle, and hinder and terminate the growth of hair. At present, some are strong light machines and some are only laser machines. Freezing point painless hair removal is a hair removal operation with a single wavelength of light wave. It is impossible to make a more suitable “differential treatment” for hair with different depths and skin states (dark and light colors). Naturally, it is not as good as the “suit the remedy to the case” effect of strong light, and the side effects are less.

People’s physiological structure is different in different seasons. Although the effect of laser hair removal is good, in order to achieve more ideal effect, the effect of laser hair removal is more obvious in winter. Because winter and spring are not the peak period of hair removal, surgery can usually be carried out quickly, which saves everyone’s time. It’s much wiser to compete for ranking and hair removal in May and June. Therefore, if a lady who loves beauty wants to see people with smooth hands and feet in summer, she has to do photon hair removal three months in advance.