Picosecond Laser Removal of Tattoos

Is there a great risk of doing laser tattoo washing

The tattoo color behind the laser tattoo will become lighter, and the deeper the color, the more obvious the feeling is, and the skin can be completely washed off after laser irradiation, but such skin tattoo washing is very prone to scars. Therefore, after laser tattoo washing, you can’t pull the tattoo on the tattoo, which will lead to skin damage.

  1. The tattoo area behind the laser tattoo should not be coated with any medicine or ointment to avoid skin allergy or allergic reaction. 2. After the tattoo scabs and falls off, avoid the stimulation of sunshine or wind and sand. 3. Avoid the sun within 3 months after laser tattoo washing, and sunscreen timely according to the season when going out. 4. Pay attention to keep the wound clean and avoid eating spicy food and seafood; Eat less sugar, etc.
  2. Don’t peel off the scab by hand after the scab is formed. Let it move by itself, so as not to soften and fall off the scab and affect the beauty of the tattoo itself.

Tattoo washing tattoos can use the tattoos on the tattoo special list to wash tattoos. There is only one way to wash tattoos, that is, laser tattoo washing. The principle of laser tattoo washing is to select laser equipment, instantly generate high heat through light energy, and crush tattoo dye particles into very small particles. Through different processes, they can be absorbed by normal human cells. Usually, tattoos are washed in a very short time.

Laser tattoo washing generally has no sequelae, but because the tattoo position is relatively special, it may be difficult to wash the tattoo by yourself.