Is laser depilation effective at one time? Is it safe?

Is laser depilation effective at one time? Is it safe? In summer, girls basically have a heart disease, that is hair removal! It’s the season to wear skirts again. You must take off your “wool pants” in summer, but the shaving effect is poor, the wax is too painful, and the depilation cream has no effect. These traditional methods are unreliable! What is worth giving is laser hair removal! Safe and effective, and will not hurt the skin. More importantly, it will not grow hair in the future! Let’s have a look.

Laser hair removal effect

  1. Can laser hair removal be effective once?

The effect of laser hair removal is long-term, but it is not effective once. After each time, we should do it again after a period of time. After about 7 times, the hair can be completely removed. But it is not so effective for small villi. For example, the effect of removing lip hair is not as good as that of removing axillary hair. Moreover, ordinary laser hair removal will be a little painful. Girls who are afraid of pain can choose freezing point laser hair removal. Also, not everyone is suitable for laser hair removal, such as pregnant women, light allergies, scar physique or sisters with skin diseases can’t do it!

  1. Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is very safe, but there may be reactions such as erythema or folliculitis during operation, but these symptoms can be eliminated slowly after more than 10 days. In addition, remember not to take a bath after depilation, especially a sauna. It is recommended to wash gently with warm water.

Does Nanjing laser hair removal have an effect at one time? Is it safe? The highlight of laser hair removal is that the hair will not grow again, once and for all, and will not affect the perspiration function of sweat glands. The effect is very good. Now summer is coming, it’s time to depilate. You can make an appointment with a regular hospital for depilation, which is safer.

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