I don’t like tattoos. What if I want to remove them?

Laser painless tattoo washing can wash away troubles and eliminate worries for people. It is an ideal treatment. Let’s take a look at the introduction of experts.

Tattoo is to use a needle or a bunch of needle dyes to pierce the skin and draw different lines, figures, calligraphy and painting images, which will exist forever without disappearing. Modern tattoos use tattoo machines to replace traditional tattoo needles, so as to evenly control the depth and width of pigment entering the skin. The pathological change of tattoo is that pigment particles are deposited in the shallow and middle layers of skin and dermis. The general method is difficult to wash tattoos, and laser painless tattoo washing can solve your problems.

Laser painless tattoo washing is a very ideal method. Laser can instantly break and destroy pigment particles with high energy. The broken pigment debris can be discharged from the body through scab removal or cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation. The effect of laser painless tattoo washing is highly selective. It does not damage the surrounding normal skin, has no obvious side effects and leaves no scars. Generally, laser painless tattoo washing can be removed after the past 1-3 times of treatment.

After washing the tattoo, pay attention to observe the skin repair.

1、 Just after washing the tattoo, apply anti-inflammatory ointment (aloe gel, baiduobang or hongmeisu ointment) to small areas, and scald ointment to large areas. Normally, apply it for 2-3 days, twice a day.

2、 After washing the tattoo, there will be reverse color. Affected by the body differences and pigment intensity, the reverse color will appear after a few minutes to a few hours, which is a normal phenomenon. In the later repair process of tattoo washing, the color will become lighter one by one until it disappears.

Three, after the tattoo treatment process, affected by various bodies and pigments, part of the skin and bleeding phenomenon or blisters, which is normal, but for the skin is not easy to heal and diabetes patients should pay special attention to medication, can not be infected, when necessary, can be treated at the clinic.

4、 After washing the tattoo, don’t always rub the treatment part by hand. Don’t touch water within 2-3 days. If I am allergic to some food (such as seafood, spicy, etc.), I should avoid eating during the treatment.

5、 Those with scar constitution should explain their own situation before treatment. Such guests generally recommend not to wash. If they must wash, they should be psychologically prepared.

6、 Pay attention to sunscreen after washing tattoos. Guests who have been treated for many times may leave pigmentation marks. After washing tattoos, they generally appear brown or reddish, which can be completely repaired in half a year to a year.

7、 After tattoo washing, the interval between each treatment should not be less than one month. Generally, it is recommended to be two months.

8、 After picosecond laser tattoo removal machine washing the tattoo, pay attention to the skin repair. If the skin does not heal for a long time or has infection, see a doctor in time.

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