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How to quickly eliminate tattoos?

Tattoo elimination method

Tattoos can be removed by laser. The plastic surgery hospital of Weifang Medical College uses American doctors’ laser. The effect of tattoo treatment is no problem. Leave no trace. According to the depth of subcutaneous skin, one time may not be able to achieve the effect. Generally, it can be completely removed after about 3 times, with an interval of about 3 months. Green and red are difficult to wash and can only be diluted. It’s best for experts to formulate the best treatment plan after reading it.


At present, the most effective method to remove tattoos is laser therapy: laser tattoo removal can instantly break pigment particles with high energy and explode pigment particles. The broken pigment debris can be discharged from the body through scab removal or cell phagocytosis and lymphatic blood circulation. The effect of laser tattoo removal is highly selective and does not damage the surrounding normal skin. There are no obvious side effects and scars after laser tattoo washing. Generally, the tattoo can be completely removed after 1 ~ 3 times of laser tattoo washing.

Laser cauterization: it is a method to remove pigment by cauterizing and carbonizing superficial cortical skin tissue with laser.

Liquid nitrogen freezing method: it uses liquid nitrogen freezing method to make the superficial skin tissue necrosis and fall off, so as to remove the tattoo tissue.

Skin grinding method: it is a mechanical method to grind off the superficial layer of the skin to remove the pigment in it.

Chemical corrosion method: generally, dilute weak acid solution is used to cause superficial skin burns, so that the pigment falls off with the necrotic tissue.

The above method is suitable for removing shallow best home laser hair removal machine tattoo patterns. Each treatment should not be too deep. If the removal is not complete, it can be repeated. Depending on the depth of the skin removed each time, each recovery takes 1 ~ 2 weeks, and the interval between each two treatments is 1 ~ 3 months. The disadvantage is that the skin may be pigmented or lost after operation. Remove the scars left when the skin is too deep, and it is difficult to completely remove the deeper pigment.

I believe that with the above sharing, the majority of friends have a deeper understanding and experience on how to quickly eliminate the question of tattoo. Of course, what I want to tell you is that although tattoos look fashionable, if the equipment used does not meet the conditions of hygiene license, it will lead to some inflammation of our skin and some skin diseases.

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