Harm and negative effects of picosecond laser tattoo washing

When many people are young and ignorant, they will get some tattoos on their bodies. They think they are cool, but later they regret that they need to be removed. However, many methods are not complete and comfortable with picosecond laser, but what are the harm and negative effects of picosecond laser tattoo washing? The greater the strength and the better the effect of beauty, we will naturally feel that the greater the stimulation to the skin. In fact, picosecond laser does not have so many side effects.

Harm and negative effects of picosecond laser tattoo washing

1、 Principle and efficacy of tattoo washing

The formation of tattoo is pigment precipitation. The dye is pierced into the dermis by means of embroidery to form deposition and reflect the beauty of the epidermis. If the dye composition is natural, the general effect is also semi long-term. Tattoo washing is to remove the artificial pigment deposition. Picosecond laser tattoo washing can break the pigment cells, let them be metabolized and restore the original skin color.

2、 Harm and negative effects of picosecond laser tattoo washing

Many laser treatments are non-invasive. Although the effect of picosecond laser is obvious, it will not damage the skin. After irradiating the skin, the energy is transmitted to the subcutaneous skin to play its role. This is a very safe skin repair technology. Picosecond laser itself is harmless and has no side effects, but it may cause poor results due to improper operation and poor postoperative care. Maybe the tattoo has been removed, but the skin is anti black and dull due to no sunscreen.

3、 Other advantages of picosecond laser

Under normal, normal and reasonable operation, picosecond laser is a very safe cosmetology. In addition to tattoo, pigmentation related moles, stain, uneven complexion and dark can be improved. The effect of eyeliner, eyebrow and lip can be eliminated by skin second laser.

Although picosecond laser has many advantages, it needs to be carried out for many times to improve the treatment of any skin type. The effect of a single treatment is generally poor, so we should pay attention to the interval of multiple beauty treatments and protect the skin, so the effect will be better.