Can women get tattoos during menstruation?

With people’s pursuit of fashion, there are diversified fashion signs in the market, and tattoos are one of them. Many people are particularly persistent and pursue tattoos, but not everyone can tattoo. Therefore, when tattooing, we must make a decision in combination with their own situation to avoid adverse reactions. Can we wash tattoos during menstruation?

Can I wash tattoos during menstruation

You can’t wash tattoos during menstruation. Women’s body is in a state of weak resistance during menstruation, so they need to pay more attention to rest. While washing tattoos is a minimally invasive treatment, which will have a certain stimulating effect on the body. Therefore, it will have a certain impact on the menstrual cycle. Therefore, it’s best not to wash tattoos during menstruation, You can wait until your menstruation is over and clean before washing.

What are the precautions for washing tattoos

There are many things to pay attention to after tattoo washing. After laser tattoo washing, medication should be used according to the situation of the wound. Everyone’s tattoo size is different, and the wound size of laser tattoo washing will be different. If the wound is large, you can apply scald ointment, and if the wound is small, you can apply aloe gel to repair it.

After the laser tattoo, there will be color reversal, which is very normal, because after the laser tattoo washing, the body will be affected by the individual and pigment, and some people will bleed, break the skin and blister. If it is a small blister, there is no need to do special treatment. If it is a large blister, you can pick it with a needle and drain the water, Just apply anti-inflammatory drugs.

Can I wash tattoos during menstruation? Women had better not wash tattoos during menstruation to avoid any impact on the menstrual cycle. They can wash tattoos after menstruation is clean. There are many things to pay attention to after washing tattoos. The specific contents are described in detail above. I hope they can help you.

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