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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimal Incision Surgery has many nicknames  names, including Minimally Invasive Surgery, Percutaneous surgery, micro-surgery.etc…     No matter what its called,  MIS of the foot  includes  an array of  techniques exploiting the  smallest incision possible to correct a multitude of foot and ankle deformities.  These methods have the ability to curtail damage to the soft tissue.  This greatly diminishes post op pain and recovery.

Further  expansion  and research in  MIS procedures  has resulted in the acceptance of the minimal invasive surgery of the foot  around the world including the USA.   The Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgery is the organization that teaches and promotes minimally invasive surgery in the USA and has regional directors and fellow associations all around the world, including Europe, Central and South America, China, India, Australia and North Africa.  


Dr Peacock is an assistant professor in minimally invasive surgery with the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and ankle surgery. He has lectured here in NC, New Orleans and Rome Italy.