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A hammertoe  is  a deformity in one or more  minor  toes (2nd,3rd,4th and 5th)       In this abnormality,  the toe is bowed  at the middle joint and/or distal joint, causing it to become tender.  

Left untreated, hammertoes can become inflexible and necessitate surgical correction. Individuals  with hammertoes  may have corns or calluses on the top of the middle or distal  joint and in some instances on the tip of the toe. Patients typically have discomfort  in their toes or feet and have trouble finding comfortable shoes as a result of the defect.  Causes of hammertoes include unsuitable shoe gear  and muscle imbalance.

Conservative care includes wearing shoes with soft, roomy toe boxes and  exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscles in the foot.  Commercially available straps, cushions, and  pads may also mitigate symptoms.

In severe cases, hammertoe surgery may be recommended to rectify the deformity. Minimally invasive surgical procedures impart impressive outcomes when  employed to remedy hammertoes.    Dr Peacock  is an assistant professor in the AAFAS (an academy dedicated to teaching minimally invasive foot surgery).        Distinctive  techniques can be used to correct hammertoes   including several techniques lectured on  by Dr Peacock  in the AAFAS seminars.

The management  of hammertoe deformities by minimally invasive surgery bestows superior  cosmetic outcomes and in nearly everyone a complete resolve of pain. The complication rates observed  in hammertoe surgery are fewer with  minimally invasive surgical techniques.

Minimally invasive surgery is less traumatic and offers many advantages over traditional surgery. As an added bonus,   minimally invasive surgery  is less costly and permits repair of hammertoes in a office-based setting.   If you are considering hammertoe correcton it would be worth your while to investigate having your hammertoe deformity corrected by Dr Peacock utilizing minimally invasive surgical techniques.